Latest Windows 10 update should fix your battery life issues


#Windows10 #SurfaceDevice – Latest Windows 10 update should fix your battery life issues : Amid speculation – and a very promising leak – that Microsoft is preparing to launch a brand-new device for its Surface line-up, the US firm has also pushed-out new software updates for existing devices. Microsoft has rolled-out a slew of performance improvements for the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface 3 two-in-one device.

The latest driver updates take aim at the battery life and power management of these popular devices. Owners of the Surface models can access the September driver updates by checking updates in Windows or viewing the device’s Windows update history. Microsoft has included two battery-boosting driver updates, one aimed at optimising the screen brightness when the device wakes up from sleep or hibernation.

Another targets power management when applying updates or changing between power states. Battery life has long been an issue for some Surface Pro 3 owners, with Microsoft confirming there were battery degradation glitch in the software. The Redmond firm pushed out an update to resolve the issues earlier this summer.

However, some Surface Pro 3 owners had already paid steep replacement fees (some $450 or £350) to get replacement or newer models to fix the issue – replacements that were revealed to be unnecessary. The news comes as Microsoft rolled-out a clean-up script to help machines affected by an incredibly frustrating Windows 10 Anniversary Update glitch that rolled out earlier this month.

The latest update to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, dubbed Build 14393.222, caused a number of installation issues amongst Windows Insiders. Enraged reports have flooded Twitter and Microsoft Support forums from users who have been left unable to install the latest update, resulting in an endless loop of repeated attempts.

A spokesperson for Microsoft told “We became aware of an issue with the recent Windows 10 cumulative update that impacted a small number of customers in the Windows Insider Program that were running a previous build of the OS. “We have created a solution to resolve this issue, which is now live”

Affected users can download the patch for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update bug at this address. Microsoft has already issued more than 100 patches for security flaws in its latest operating system. Internet Explorer received the largest number of ‘critical’ updates, which refer to bugs that Microsoft thinks could be exploited by cyber criminals to target users.

This includes one patch that stops attackers being able to take complete control of a victim’s machine if they open a malicious office document – an increasingly popular cybercrime tactic at the moment. Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings a range of improvements and upgrades for users, including a redesigned Start Menu (with twice as many adverts as the previous version), new handwriting recognition software, enhanced capabilities for Cortana and more. Source: express