Microsoft Surface Phone release date: Smartphone not coming until Fall 2017?


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone release date: Smartphone not coming until Fall 2017? : The Microsoft Surface Phone will be released at a later date if the latest reports about the smartphone flagship are to be believed. Although the device is still set for 2017, it will reportedly be moved from spring to fall of next year, which suggests that it will be another year of waiting.

The news comes from Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley, who also reported a launch event for Microsoft this month with the Surface All-in-One personal computer (PC) as the star of the show. “Surface Phone, if it does materialize, could be considerably later, sources say,” Foley claimed. She did not specific exactly as to when but newer reports suggest a fall 2017 launch for the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Foley did not elaborate Microsoft’s change of plans but those who have been waiting for the Redmond-based company’s first post-Lumia release might be in for a long waiting game. This also means that the competition for the Microsoft Surface Phone will be extra difficult as next-generation smartphones from other companies will be released by that time.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 should have been months old while a new Note is already out if not being prepared. A new iPhone is likely around by that time as well. Despite this, the delay also gives Microsoft the chance to further beef up the Surface Phone. The company cannot afford to make a misstep on this as it is the device that is expected to put them back on the mobile map.

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Microsoft has struggled in the smartphone department and has lagged behind competing tech firms. The Lumia line failed to capture as many users as the company hoped. The said smartphone range is reportedly being discontinued completely this December so Microsoft can start anew. Sadly, if the reports are to be believed, Microsoft will not be back in the mobile scene until late next year with the Microsoft Surface Phone. Source: christiantimes