Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specs, features and release date


#Microsoft #SurfacePro5Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specs, features and release date : The current surface devices are pretty much solid in competition to both Google and Apple. There’s no doubt about it. From unique design and amazing feature set in terms of hardware choices to full desktop-grade functionality as a tablet, Microsoft absolutely nailed it.

Except for the price point, which is understandable that all desktop-grade hardware has been implemented, the sales too were arguably good considering the intention of the users who were opting for it as well.

Surface devices are meant for only a certain group of users who demand full desktop-grade hardware and software implementation in a tablet form-factor with the additional of a keyboard, which makes it nothing short of a laptop but not exactly one.

Now, there are certain rumors doing rounds saying Microsoft sets to release a successor to Surface Pro 4, thanks to its success till date. However, all these are based on pure speculation and nothing can be made sure that everything is as true as it seems. It’s so much that we may or may not see a successor but let’s definitely hope for one.

As per reports, all rumours point out to a release in 2017 to directly combat with Apple who are also rumored to release the successors to their current successful tablets the iPad pro series. It now seems sensible that Microsoft’s decisions for such a release is better.