Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Paint App Revealed in Leaked Videos


#Microsoft #WindowsPaint – Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Paint App Revealed in Leaked Videos : Microsoft is working to give its famous Paint app a modern overhaul, and it looks like the release is very close, as official videos showing it in action have leaked to the web today.

As you can see in the videos here, the new Paint app is completely optimized for the touch and is likely to be offered as a universal app, meaning that it should work on phones too.

And yet, as it turns out, the Paint app will no longer be just a basic solution for drawing, but a very advanced graphic editing tool, with Microsoft working on making it available with utilities that you usually find in professional software. For example, the Paint app will boast advanced 3D tools that you can see at work in the first video below.

Paint for Windows 10 will certainly be offered free of charge and will be made available for download through the Windows Store for all those running the new OS.

For the moment, it’s not yet clear when the new Paint app will be released to users, but most likely, the company will ship it with the final version of Windows 10 Redstone 2 due in the spring of 2017. Insiders could get it sooner than that, as Microsoft undoubtedly wants to collect feedback before pushing it to everyone, so one of the next builds could include it too. Source: softpedia