Nintendo NX vs Xbox Project Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: What We Know So Far


#NintendoNX #XboxScorpio – Nintendo NX vs Xbox Project Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: What We Know So Far : Nintendo may have been the first to announce a major breakthrough in the console competition upon announcing the release of their newest product, Nintendo NX, but it seems that its rivals, Sony and Microsoft has already taken the stage with the announcement of their new console upgrades namely the PlayStation Pro and the Xbox Project Scorpio.

Nintendo has strictly been tight-lipped with regards to the specs and details of their new product which further alienated its ardent fans, making the situation a bit direr for the Japanese multinational company especially after their last flagship the Wii U, failed to make a significant impact against PS4 and Xbox One.

For a while now, it seems that Nintendo has always been the underdog when compared from Microsoft and Sony in terms of console competition but new leaks have surfaced on the Internet showing us a glimpse of Nintendo NX and with that, we’ve gathered all the info we know so far and how the current console giants will compete against each other in the future.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

According to TechRadar, during the interview with AMD, the PS4 Pro will feature a custom chip single-processor, AMD Jaguar 8 cores, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. This upgrade certainly means that the new console upgrade will be able to handle games and contents in higher-resolution specifically HDR or 4K.

Although it’s not as groundbreaking as the comparison of PS4 from PS3, it’ll surely attract consumers looking for a more advanced gaming experience with their high-end devices.