No Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 2016 Release Date but Microsoft Will Soon Reveal Surface AIO Desktop?


#SurfaceBook2 #SurfacePro5No Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 2016 Release Date but Microsoft Will Soon Reveal Surface AIO Desktop? : First the bad news – Microsoft has reportedly confirmed that both the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 will not be seen anytime this 2016. But the good news is that a Surface-branded computer is coming out and is set for introduction October 26.

Rumors say the machine will be called Surface AIO. While nothing is set in stone on the labeling but one thing is sure, according to The Verge, the spotlight for Microsoft’s late October event will be trained on “Microsoft’s vision for the future of Windows 10, and the company’s desktop PC hardware to support it.”

“The company is widely expected to be unveiling at least one new all-in-one desktop PC,” the report added. Speculations are rife that the new product to showcase the fresh features packed with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will likely be known as the Surface AIO.

Already, keyboards and mouse bearing the Surface name have leaked out that further supported Microsoft’s upcoming desktop push, which evidently is set to compete against Apple’s iMac and Mac systems.

In the same event, the Windows makers is likewise tipped to unveil the upcoming features of Windows 10 that The Verge said will be delivered in two installments all in 2017. These are believed as part of the Redstone 2 feature updates planned by the tech giant.

And as the same report claimed that the rumored Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book sequels will not be seen this 2016, it’s safe to assume that the hardware upgrades will be provided instead in 2017. The timing makes sense if Microsoft is planning to showcase the new Windows 10 capabilities using its in-house PCs and mobile devices.

There was no mention of the rumored Surface Phone that in recent reports has been tipped as the successor to the Lumia smartphones. The device piques the interest as rumors indicate that it’s a game-changer from Microsoft as among the banner features is its ability to deliver desktop functionalities by simply connecting to a monitor.

But Microsoft will be unveiling other products aside from the rumored Surface AIO. In skipping the Surface mobile devices this 2016, the tech giant “will showcase laptops and devices from OEMs instead,” The Verge reported. Source: yibada