UFO sightings 2016: NASA covers up UFO near ISS again


#UFO #ISS – UFO sightings 2016: NASA covers up UFO near ISS again : NASA was again accused of hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life after cutting a live stream from the international space station (ISS). Apparently, a UFO had been seen hovering over the station just about when the agency cut the feed.

According to Question More, viewers had observed a mysterious blue light near the station shortly after NASA reportedly terminated the live feed, which is always streamed on its popular show, Space Station Live. The anomaly was also caught by a keen UFO enthusiast, Streetcap1, who uploaded a recording of the stream on YouTube.

The popular UFO enthusiast highlighted the craft, hovering at a distance near the ISS, in the video. He claimed that NASA immediately cut off the live feed to hide it, which, according to him, is more proof of alien existence.

Although skeptics believe that the mysterious blue light was just a lens flare, the UFO enthusiast argued that the blue light could not be presumed to be a mere flare. This is because it is brighter on the left side as a result of light from the sun.

Streetcap1 explained that although NASA cut off the feed so quickly, he managed to get enough frames that were very distant to enlarge. The UFO enthusiast’s video has since stirred speculation that NASA intentionally cut live feeds from the ISS to hide evidence of alien existence.