Apple iPhone 8 specs, features: new OLED screen from Sharp can be expected for iPhone 2017


#iPhone8 #Apple – Apple iPhone 8 specs, features: new OLED screen from Sharp can be expected for iPhone 2017 : Apple has just released the highly anticipated iPhone 7 but many are already expecting the iPhone 8 which is expected to have significantly improved specs over its predecessor.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has been long rumored to finally use OLED screens for their new iPhones which is expected to start in iPhone 8. All of their previous devices including the iPads have used traditional LCD screens that zap power faster compared to OLED panels which help save power while still providing clear and bright images.

iPhone 8 Specs and Features

Of course, it goes without saying that Apple themselves has not yet released any info regarding their next iPhone. However, it does not stop the Internet from churning out rumors and speculations.

Apple could use OLED displays from Sharp as previous reports state that the two companies have a deal where the latter will provide the panels for the former’s devices in 2017 which could include the iPhone 8, Deccan Chronicle has learned. The new iPad Mini 5 and the iPad Pro 2 2017 could also feature the new OLED screens if the deal does push through and the production dates will have no delay.

Sharp could use their Free-Form Display technology with its OLED panels that allows the screen to be shaped differently which could lead to curved edges as well. The concept was shown this year and it could still have improvements once it is given to Apple in 2017.

There is also a new patent issued to Apple pertaining to a new tech for the TouchID sensor could become one with the iPhone 8’s screen, Forbes reported. That is because the home button would also be removed and just placed virtually just like with the Android Nexus smartphones and a handful of other ones.

iPhone 8 Release Date and Price

Since the iPhone 7 has just been released, the iPhone 8 is expected to be launched at least a year later from this writing. It could be unveiled earlier but Apple seems to be strict with their hardware cycles and the price could even be more expensive thanks to the new OLED panels on the new iPhone in 2017. source:yibada