Can The Early Release Of Galaxy Note 8 Save Samsung?


#Samsung #GalaxyNote8Can The Early Release Of Galaxy Note 8 Save Samsung? : Just when things were looking good for Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8 has been a little short of a total disaster for the corporation. The handset was initially seen as a major challenge to the ubiquity and cultural dominance of the iPhone range, but instead these hopes have literally gone up in smoke in a series of dramatic explosions.

Samsung to pull plug on Note 7?

While exploding smartphones are not necessarily a new phenomenon, when hardware is exploding on a regular basis is obviously extremely bad news for the manufacturer.

Many are suggesting that Samsung should simply pull the plug on the Galaxy Note 7, move on, and concentrate all its attention on restoring faith in the range with the Galaxy Note 8. With some customers suffering third-degree burns, one can understand why such suggestions have been made.

Perhaps it would be smarter for Samsung to completely abandon this unfortunate smartphone, and instead concentrate all attention on producing a Galaxy Note 8 that is the best performer in the phablet category.

Certainly the release of the Galaxy Note 7 has been veritable manna from heaven for Apple, with the consumer electronics giant completely unencumbered at the head of the phablet marketplace now. This could lead Samsung to decide to release the Galaxy Note 8 earlier in 2017 than was otherwise expected.

Although this is hardly a desirable scenario for Samsung, it could also potentially fit into its schedule for the next calendar year neatly, as it was already strongly rumored that the Galaxy S range may be released earlier next year than is usually the case.

Window of opportunity

It would usually be expected for the Galaxy S8 to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but analysts suggest that Samsung may choose to push the release date forward next year.

This would leave a window of opportunity for the Galaxy Note 8, which could then be possibly released at some point during Q2, allowing a little leeway before the release of the iPhone 8 Plus.