Death Nokia Lumia 800


#Lumia800 #NokiaDeath Nokia Lumia 800 : If you wanted to sum up the demise of Nokia in one object, the Nokia Lumia 800 is probably it. Announced five years ago this month, the Lumia 800 represented a change in direction for the Finnish giant which ultimately ended in failure.

A potted recap – faced with sliding sales (primarily against Android devices), incoming Nokia CEO Stephen Elop switched Nokia’s smartphone platform to Windows, effectively killing off Symbian and the stalled MeeGo project.

Just five years previously, the Nokia-led Symbian OS and Microsoft’s Windows were the two dominant smartphone platforms, but Microsoft had suffered badly (mostly at the hands of Apple), with Nokia starting to see the same sort of decline in competition with Google.

The fruits of the new Nokia/Microsoft partnership were announced in October 2011. The Nokia Lumia 800 had a lot going for it, the physical design was beautiful and the new Windows 7 operating system made everything else look very old fashioned.

The price was extremely competitive too, and the whole launch was accompanied by a ton of media coverage because in tech terms this was a Very Big Thing. There were some drawbacks, and the main one was a lack of downloadable applications compared to the vast array available for iOS and Android.

On the other hand, there was quite a rich feature set included in the maturing Windows 7.5 OS. The user interface took a bit of getting used to, being stripped down and very modern-looking, it was certainly very different from rivals and predecessors. Cortana, arguably the best feature with modern Windows phones, would not become available for three years.