Microsoft October event: Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5 on cards?


#SurfacePro5 #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft October event: Surface Phone, Surface Pro 5 on cards? : Amid ongoing rumors surrounding Microsoft Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5, the company announced it will be hosting a hardware event in the last week of October in New York City, raising hopes that the much anticipated Surface devices may be launched.

The theme of Microsoft event this year is expected to revolve around possible OEM devices and Microsoft’s Surface Device updates, including some X-Box related announcements.

ZDNET reports that no brand new device launches will be happening this year. Microsoft may not launch both the Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 at the event. The publication says, Microsoft is still in the process of working out its Lumia line considering that the said phones were not much of a success.

Reports suggest the Surface phone could be launched along with the Samsung S8 in 2017. While no new phones are expected at the Hardware Event, Microsoft could launch its All-in-One Surface PC.

Not much information is available regarding the Surface AIO, but reports say that it could possibly have a modular design that could possibly be innovative. The Redmond -based company is also expected to launch two new keyboards and two different Surface Mouse along with Surface AIO.

A new update for Windows 10 will also be announced at the October event. The update codenamed “Redstone 2” will probably bring much-needed features and enhancements for Windows 10 Mobile users.

There are also reports about Holo Lens and Xbox Project Scorpio making appearance during the event. Microsoft’s Hardware event will be available via live stream on Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. ET. Source: delhidailynews