Microsoft to scrap the Lumia series to pave way for Surface phones release by end of 2016


#SurfacePhone #LumiaMicrosoft to scrap the Lumia series to pave way for Surface phones release by end of 2016 : Ever since the auspicious deal that Microsoft struck with Nokia, the company has being doing some bit of housekeeping on the dregs that Nokia left.

Microsoft begun by taking a broad step which involved rebranding all new Lumia phones as Microsoft Lumia phones instead of Nokia Lumia. The company now thinks that the Lumia brand is outdated. So, they are not about to pour their new wine into some old wine skin.

The anticipated Microsoft Surface phones will replace anything to do with Lumia. Sadly, Lumia was the last of the markers that reminded us of Nokia’s marriage with Microsoft. In a few decades to come, all that will be left of Nokia are memories and lots of bad decision reminders.

Even so, Microsoft’s Surface phones are promising some pretty handy features. It is expected that the phones’ will feature a new finger print technology. TechTimes has shed some light on what to expect of the finger print scanner in the Surface phones.

Unlike in other competitors, where the scanner is located either at the home button or at the back, Microsoft has positioned the scanner on the screen of the Surface phones. This means that the phones will be considerably slimmer than the likes of Samsung Galaxy and iPhones.

The Inquirer stated that the phones will also have some USB type C ports and Nokia’s traditional 20MP Carl Zeiss sensor on the cameras. Definitely, they will run on Windows OS, probably windows 10 for mobile.