Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, news: October launch confirmed; laptop not included?


#Microsoft #SurfaceBook2Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date, news: October launch confirmed; laptop not included? : Microsoft is already sending out invites for a launch event on Oct. 26, but those who were waiting for the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will not be too thrilled about it.

As reported in the past, the second-generation iteration of the Redmond-based company’s laptop is not coming this October as users hoped. Instead, Microsoft is holding off the release of the Microsoft Book 2 for next year. The event this month is expected to be focused on the Microsoft Surface All-in-One (AIO) PC.

Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley, who first reported about the event, also believes that the event, which comes with the tagline “the next chapter in the Windows story,” will also include news about the Redstone 2 update for Windows 10.

The analyst reported last month that while the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will not see the light of day this year, an updated version of it will be launched on Oct. 26. This “updated” version will come with faster processors and additional minor features.

The tweaks are expected to feel like an upgrade from the first, so users can get by the wait for Microsoft Surface Book 2. The laptop is expected to be released along with the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 spring next year. The delay reportedly has to do partly with the Redstone 2 update.

The software giant relies on it for additional features they plan for the Microsoft Surface Book 2, which is reportedly the reason, among others, that they decided to put off an October showing for the laptop. The delay will also reportedly allow Microsoft to use Kaby Lake, the seventh-generation Intel processor, on the sequel to the Microsoft Surface Book.

As for the Oct. 26 event, Foley says that Microsoft will also show off the Surface keyboard and mouse, along with its AIO PC, and will take a moment to showcase Windows 10 devices from various manufacturers. Source: christiantoday