Microsoft’s new Windows 10 beta build improves touchpads, updates Photos, and stabilizes your PC


#Microsoft #Windows10Microsoft’s new Windows 10 beta build improves touchpads, updates Photos, and stabilizes your PC : While Windows 10 is designed for a range of hardware, more modern, powerful PCs will benefit from reliability improvements in the new Windows 10 Insider build 14942, released Friday.

The new Insider build for the Fast ring includes a laundry list of tweaks and new changes, but the most important are some under-the-hood improvements that Microsoft promises will help improve the reliability of PCs with over 3.5GB of memory.

Microsoft’s other updates include an extension of the Active Hours period, improving the touchpad, and an update to the Photos app. The only drawback, Microsoft warned, is if you use the new build to play games that depend on Xbox Live.

Sign-ins may fail, and to fix it, you’ll need to edit the PC’s registry file, a task that should be accomplished by experienced PC users only. Why this matters: Unfortunately, bugs still plague Windows 10, even a year after it release and a month or so after the release of the Anniversary Update.

Stomping some of these is always welcome. And the Insider updates have a bit of spice to them, as Microsoft is expected to talk more about the “future of Windows 10” later this month.

Improved Service Hosts mean stabler PCs

One of the improvements in Google’s Chrome browser (and now most if its rivals) was the fact that if a tab crashed, only the tab crashed-and not the entire browser. Microsoft’s service hosts have evolved in a somewhat similar fashion.

Microsoft’s Service Hosts store a number of host processes within them, and when one of those processes fails, they take the others down, too. That, of course, increases the likelihood of a system crash.