Why is Microsoft’s Rumored Surface Phone Such a Tech Fixation?


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneWhy is Microsoft’s Rumored Surface Phone Such a Tech Fixation? : Microsoft Corporation has something up its sleeve – it may not necessarily be the Surface Phone, but it promises to be awesome. The rumored Surface Phone has become a fixation in the mobile industry because it could revive Microsoft’s ailing smartphone division. The Surface Phone is also a special interest device because of its rumored potential to compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 – and Win.

Microsoft has started sending out invites to reporters to attend an October 26 event in New York. The event could unveil “Future of Windows 10” and the firm might be seeking to open up on some of its immediate and future plans to the tech community. The invitation has the words “Imagine What You’ll Do” written backwards.

Will Microsoft confirm the Surface Phone?

Microsoft has kept a lid on its plans for the Surface Phone and it appears that only core members of the development team are reliably informed about the device. However, it is an open secret that the firm is setting up the Surface Phone to be a strong rival for the iPhone 7. Nonetheless, the Surface Phone might not get more than an honorable mention during the Oct. 26 event.

To start with, the firm did not include anything about “Surface” on the invitation and it only seemed to squeeze in a #MicrosoftEvent hashtag to fulfill all righteousness. However, the incurable optimist here submits that the firm didn’t include the words “Hardware” or “Software” in the invitation as well. Hence, the floor is still open on the kind of unveils to expect at the event.

Nonetheless, you can reasonably expect to hear more about a Surface-themed keyboard, Mouse, and updates on Windows 10. On Thursday, the FCC released internal and external shots of a Surface Keyboard and a Surface Mouse. The Surface Mouse especially sports a minimalist style that suggests that the Surface team has painted a target on Apple’s back.