OnePlus 4 specs, rumors: Cheap phone that would beat the iPhone 7


#OnePlus4 #iPhone7 – OnePlus 4 specs, rumors: Cheap phone that would beat the iPhone 7 : OnePlus 4 is expected to beat the iPhone 7 in terms of specifications and price. Almost half the price of an iPhone 7, the OnePlus 4 will only be priced at around $400 with features more powerful than Apple’s current flagship.

Since OnePlus released their own take of smart phones at very cheap prices, several manufacturers were challenged to produce a quality that will not hurt the pocket of consumers. Since the Chinese brand is known to produce phones at par with Apple and Samsung at a significantly lower price, its upcoming flagship OnePlus 4 is still following the path.

Sources have said the OnePlus 4 will be even more powerful than the iPhone 7 at a price of only $400. The OnePlus 4 is rumored to have an aluminum curved body with a 5.5-inch display size. Alongside this gigantic display is its utilization of the optic AMOLED which will produce 4K display quality, according to a post by OnePlus 4.

More flexibility will be given to consumers as the OnePlus 4 is said to offer more colors and customizations that would open doors for fans to modify the phone based on their liking, the report added. The device will also be utilizing the gaining popularity of 3D technology and will have a powerful processor of Snapdragon 830 with an 8 GB RAM. The OnePlus 4 will run with Android’s updated Nougat OS.

In terms of storage, its basic internal storage of 32 GB will be expandable by up to 256 GB. For its connectivity features, it is expected that the OnePlus 4 will be retaining the USB-C port and NFC support present in the OnePlus 3. The OnePlus 4 is upgrading its camera’s prowess for the rumored 21 or 23 MP rear camera it will be installing, Know Your Mobile reported.