Three reasons why iPhone 6s can be better over iPhone 7


#iPhone7 #iPhone6sThree reasons why iPhone 6s can be better over iPhone 7 : Those who are crazy about Apple products can feel thrilled by the iPhone 7, with its set of upgrades that make it stand out from last year’s iPhone 6s.

Still, what are the advantages of buying the earlier model?

1. There is one automatic upgrade that does not benefit buyers – and that is the Price! With the launch of a new Apple product, there is bound to be a cut in the price of the older iPhone 6s version, which makes it lucrative for users.

The brand new model, the iPhone 7 “costs $649 (32 GB), $749 (128 GB) and $849 (256 GB). But the iPhone 6s is now $549 (32 GB) and $649 (128 GB).” Moreover, the 6s can be bought unlocked, without any carrier plans.

The price works out to be better for users when you consider that the new model has no significant advantages in the display and resolution. Both phones have a 4.7-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1,334 by 750 pixels and pixel density of 326. Both the phones have exactly the same screen size and resolution, and the same screen resolution and screen pixels per inch.

Moreover, while the software in the iPhone 7 was set to run iOS 10, unlike iPhone 6s, which only had iOS 9, after Sept. 13, all Apple devices can run iOS 10. Hence, the latest model has no advantage in terms of software sophistication.

2. The second advantage of the iPhone 6s is a feature that has been discarded in the new model – its 3.5 mm headphone jack. It was dispensed with the claim that Apple had “the courage to move on, do something better.”

But experts claim that it has a hidden motive – “this move was done to make space for the “taptic button,” a button with haptic feedback that’s force-sensitive, as well as a grill for the barometer vent.”

Users, however, will not be able to charge the phone even as they use the dongle or Lightning-connected EarPods. Moreover, currently, the Lightning headphones are not too widespread in the market. The Bluetooth too is a tough nut to crack and difficult to use.

3. Perhaps you could say that the iPhone 7 has more impressive processing speed and camera(s), due to its A10 Fusion processor and f/1.8 aperture. However, are you a gamer or a photographer? Or are you planning to become one? If so, you could jump to buy the iPhone 7. If not, why do you want to go for the new model? It is the best device for casual use.

Hence, in spite of being a more sophisticated and advanced product, the iPhone 7, with its extra $100 is not worth buying, especially as it comes locked. Hence, it would always be better to go for the cheaper option. Of course, don’t forget to get a case to protect your less durable option. Source: hngn