UFO Caught Shooting Out Of Moon Crater In Apollo 11 Mission?


#Apollo11 #UFOUFO Caught Shooting Out Of Moon Crater In Apollo 11 Mission? : Is Neil Armstrong really the first person to set on the Moon? New evidence recovered from the Apollo 11 mission suggests that extraterrestrial had already claimed Earth’s satellite for themselves after a UFO was spotted shooting out of a lunar crater.

It has been nearly half a century and a new manned lunar mission is long overdue. Even now, many still believe that a manned mission to the moon never actually happened. According to conspiracy theorists, Apollo missions were nothing more than propaganda made in a secret studio in Hollywood.

But now, there’s a new narrative coming from them as well as UFO enthusiasts. Their new theory suggests that the Moon is home to an alien base and they submit footage from Apollo 11 mission as evidence, talk about irony.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the footage shows what appears to be a missing shooting out of a crater. As the object speeds across the lunar surface, a visible trail of propellant can be seen behind it.

UFO Captured On Camera By Apollo 11 Astronauts?

The exact origins of the craft are still unknown. Many believe that the alleged alien craft is part of a covert government space program by the US or the Soviets. Still many conspiracy theorists argue that the object is in fact a missile-like weapon bombarding hidden installations in the dark side of the moon.

Given that there are few reliable options to explore the lunar landscape, only a manned expedition will provide conclusive evidence. Many scientists agree that a second wave of manned lunar missions is long overdue.