Zeroid Entity Shaped Like an Alien Head Captured in Long Exposure Photographs


#Alien #NikonD90 – Zeroid Entity Shaped Like an Alien Head Captured in Long Exposure Photographs : The photos were taken by JD, a music producer and photographer living in Langhorne, Bucks County, PA. JD says he enjoys pointing his camera lens towards the cosmos and snapping slow exposures of the night time sky. That’s what he set out to do on the evening of July 15, unaware that he was about to capture a phenomenon that has been around for who knows how long and has seen a steady resurgence in the past few years.

“At approximately 9:15 p.m. I set my Nikon D90 on a tripod and pointed towards the SW sky. Set the camera for 30 second exposures while on the tripod for maximum light and clarity.”

After taking several shots in the front yard, JD set up his camera in the backyard, pointing towards the NE and snapped a few more photos. At the time he was taking the photos, JD saw no unusual activity happening above. But later that night, as he was examining the photos, the photographer was surprised to find intruders in two of his images.

The first one, snapped in his front yard, shows the moon rising and the sky becoming dotted with stars. But the composition also includes an ethereal-looking greenish orb that doesn’t seem to have any solid structure to it. Its shape implies forward movement but no trail is left behind and it was completely silent, otherwise it would have caught JD’s attention. “When shooting the set of photos I had captured, nothing seemed different or weird,” he wrote in the report.

This strange entity doesn’t appear to be the same type of orb UFO routinely spotted throughout the world; those are usually spherical and much brighter. If anything, orb UFOs could be responsible for the anomalies in the second picture, but this green thing has to be something else. As it turns out, it might even be a living entity, as suggested by Dr. Franklin Ruehl, an American ufologist and cryptozoologist with a Ph. D. in theoretical nuclear physics from UCLA.