Aliens In Ancient Egypt Proven By This Necklace? New Study Unearths Astonishing Findings


#Alien #NewStudyAliens In Ancient Egypt Proven By This Necklace? New Study Unearths Astonishing Findings : Ancient alien theories border science and fiction, but a new study seems to tip one theory to the former’s side with analytical rather than imaginative conclusions.

The study subjected to an X-ray analysis an ancient necklace dug from a graveyard in Naqada, Egypt in 1911. The study revealed that the item contains meteorite-based elements and that it was made two thousand years before man discovered iron casting. The findings suggest the Egyptian necklace is of alien origin.

Researchers led by Egyptologist Thilo Rehren of the University of Hamad bin Khalifa published their findings recently in the Journal of Archaeological Science. Today, the ancient necklace is housed in Petrie Museum in London, U.K.

What the Study Finds

The X-ray analysis found traces of meteoric iron  hammered and rolled into beads. The necklace is made from meteorite-based iron with very high nickel content. The iron-nickel composition is off the scale of structures based on earth minerals. This suggests that the metal originated from outside the planet.

Specifically, scientists said such composition only exists in iron meteorites slowly cooled inside asteroids during the formation of the universe. “…There are typical trace elements such as cobalt and germanium present in these beads, at levels that only occur in meteoritic iron,” said Professor Rehren, the lead author.

Furthermore, X-ray analysis showed that the beads’ internal structure indicates advanced metal crafting. Carbon dating showed that the necklace is made in 3200 BC, two-thousand years before man discovered iron technology. Moreover, the necklace, which was discovered among other artifacts in an ancient Egyptian graveyard, stands out, according to scientists.

“The beads were created by ‘multiple cycles of hammering’ and not by the traditional carving or drilling stone techniques that were used on other beads found in the same tomb,” Professor Rehren said.

Ancient Alien Theory

Ancient Egypt is no stranger to alien conspiracy theories. Foremost of which is that the pyramids are alien-assisted projects. These giant structures are even claimed by pseudo scientists to be a form of docking bays for interplanetary travelling. Another theory ups the ante, claiming the pharaohs are, in fact, aliens revered as gods by the ancient Egyptians.

Although these theories are favorite Hollywood movie themes, the recent study findings lend an ounce of credibility to, at least, something out of this world did happen during the reigns of pharaohs. Source: thebitbag