EXCLUSIVE: Alien cover-up claim – UK’s top-secret UFO X-Files release delayed by a YEAR


#UFO #AlienEXCLUSIVE: Alien cover-up claim – UK’s top-secret UFO X-Files release delayed by a YEAR : Alien hunters, who believe the files kept secret by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for more than 30 years could shed new light on the infamous Rendlesham UFO case, and other mysterious sightings, were first promised their release from the department to the National Archives in March this year.

But, they have since met with repeated delays, and have STILL yet to make their way to the National Archives. UFO enthusiast David Dombkowski responded to the news on Facebook. He said: “What are they hiding or trying to white wash!”

UFO researchers, backed by a House of Lords peer, have been fighting for the release of 18 top secret Ministry of Defence (MoD) files about UFO sightings and government investigations.

The Government has long faced claims of an alien cover-up from conspiracy theorists when their release was stalled at the end of 2013. Among those seeking the disclosure is alien hybrid and UFO researcher and author Miguel Mendonça. He revealed the further delay today on Facebook.

He posted: “Regarding the 18 UFO files due to be released from the MoD to the UK National Archives, I have just been informed that they have been delayed at least another five months.”

Miguel Mendonça. (MEETTHEHYBRIDS)

In an email, a freedom of information officer for the MoD said: “There have been further delays in the processing of these files and the revised earliest delivery date, of the files from MoD to The National Archives, is now March 2017.