Former policeman spots ‘UFO with flashing lights’ hovering over West Yorkshire


#UFO #Policeman Former policeman spots ‘UFO with flashing lights’ hovering over West Yorkshire : A former policeman was startled after seeing traingular-shaped shimmering lights mysteriously hovering over West Yorkshire – and is convinced it was a UFO.

The retired officer, who asked to remain anonymous, made the sighting near Holmfirth, in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, and immediately contacted renowned ufologist Gary Heseltine. Mr Heseltine set up a camera to record the footage, which starts with him scanning around for anything unusual.

Although a white dot can be seen, this is clearly a speck on his lens, as it moves around with the camera. A dim light comes in from the left before an incredibly bright, circular object then appears from the top-right corner of the screen.

The camera immediately pans up to take a closer look at it, only for another circle of the same brightness to appear, but this one is flickering intermittently. It vanishes from sight completely, but the original suspicious dot continues to stay there.

The camera then cuts out, because the battery on his laptop ran out, according to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner. Mr Heseltine said: ‘What I saw was a very bright light, which was not a star. The object was not moving and was dim at first but then flared up. In my experience of looking at hundreds of sightings this was very unusual.

‘I did not see a triangular craft but I noted that the object was stationary, extremely bright and kept flaring up. It wasn’t a star or any astronomical object,’ he added. The sighting was first made at 8.50pm on Thursday, and the ‘UFO’ was last seen at around 9.50pm heading towards Manchester. Source:dailymail