Man claims Dartmoor is a UFO hotspot because aliens are ‘looking for livestock for genetic material’


#Alien #UFOMan claims Dartmoor is a UFO hotspot because aliens are ‘looking for livestock for genetic material’ : A UFO expert believes that Newton Abbot is a UFO hotspot because of its surrounding quarries, and its close proximity to Dartmoor. John Mooner has been investigating UFOs for over two decades, and has seen hundreds of them in the skies above Newton Abbot, including two in one night recently.

John said: “I believe the reason why Newton Abbot is a hotspot for this activity is because of the surrounding quarries. These quarries are large and can be seen from high above. “I believe these UFOs use these quarries as area markers.”

John also believes that another reason the area sees so much activity, is because it is close to Dartmoor. He added: “Further more Newton Abbot is in close proximity to Dartmoor.

“The occupants of these UFOs are looking for livestock and any other animals for genetic material.” John says that for years there have been reports of animal mutilations on the moors, and believes this could be related to UFO activity.

“There have been reports of animal mutilations and other strange occurrences on Dartmoor for years now and the government is well aware of this activity and monitor it regularly,” said John.

“I only wish they would just tell the public the truth, people have the right to know about aliens in our skies.” Recently John managed to spot two UFOs flying ‘in perfect unison’.

John said: “I was sky watching when I spotted two objects that were high up in the sky. I zoomed in with my Sony HX300 Camera and I could clearly see that the first object was cigar shaped and that the second object was saucer shaped.

“The cigar was closely followed by the saucer as they were moving across the sky in perfect unison. “I watched them as they gracefully moved across the sky there was no sound.

“They got higher and Further away. I started to lose sight of them as they flew in the direction of the sun. The glare from the sun was to much for my eyes but luckily I did manage to take one photograph of these two objects before losing sight of them.” Source: exeterexpressandecho