Microsoft Big Moment Of 2016 Could Be A Surprising Surface


#Microsoft #SurfaceDeviceMicrosoft Big Moment Of 2016 Could Be A Surprising Surface : Microsoft will be holding an event this month to update the world’s press on Xbox, Windows 10 and its Surface devices. Invites have been sent out for the media to gather on Wednesday October 26th in New York.

Microsoft will likely anchor the event around its Windows 10 software and the tight integration it has with Microsoft’s cloud based services. Those services allow users to work with their Microsoft account on a number of devices, including desk bound and portable PCs, Windows 10 powered smartphones, and iOS and Android devices using Microsoft’s software.

Although Microsoft’s primary strategy remains focused on software and cloud services, the coverage of the launch event is likely going to be heavily biased towards the new hardware. Microsoft will be looking to demonstrate a ‘best-in-class’ desk bound computer to show what it believes Windows 10 can do.

Much like the now-depreciated Nexus devices from Google, these should not be seen as competition by the Windows device manufacturers, but as aspirational devices showing Microsoft’s vision of ‘the perfect device.’

The jury is still out on how well-disposed Microsoft’s partners are to the Surface devices, but they have certainly caught the public’s imagination and have helped banish the idea of Windows laptops being an army of black clamshell boxes.

The suspicion of many is that Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices will not be updated. That makes a certain amount of sense. They are consumer-focused devices, but unlike smartphones there’s no pressing demand to update hardware every twelve months.

It probably makes a bolder statement that these devices are still current and top-of-the-line after a year on sale and remaining excellent value for money. No doubt we’ll get some fun statistics about how popular and well-received they are. If you are considering a purchase wait till after the 26th as it would not surprise me to see a slight drop in price to reflect their age.

Instead the focus is likely going to be on a desktop device, presumptively called either the Surface All-In-One or the Surface PC (personally the latter feels like a better choice). Expect lots of futuristic designs, exquisite tooling, and prominent demonstrations of Windows 10′s cloud-based features. New bluetooth keyboards and mice (with Surface branding) should also be on show.

No doubt comparisons will also be made to Apple’s Mac hardware in the coverage as well. I suspect that Microsoft’s PR team will be more than happy to have its hardware compared to Cupertino’s finest. Anything that allows Microsoft to cast itself as the underdog in the current market will be welcome.Source: forbes