What is Microsoft planning on 26 October?


#Microsoft #SurfaceDevice – What is Microsoft planning on 26 October? : There is pretty strong evidence to suggest three new main products will be launched at the event.

  1. Surface Book 2 using Intel 7th generation Kaby Lake;
  2. Surface Pro 5 – ditto;
  3. Surface All-in-one – ditto;
  4. HoloLens update;
  5. Features of the Windows 10 Redstone 2 update for Q2, 2017; and
  6. And the flag waving software stuff.

What is not expected is any mention of a Surface phone, Band 3, and as Xbox has just had the makeover to a One S that’s off the menu. And announcements don’t always relate to releases to the public. Plus, Microsoft just may want to take the shine off new Mac announcements.

Does Microsoft need a hero event? It is travelling pretty well at present and riding high on the raft of server, cloud, development, and other cool stuff from its recent Ignite conference.  Let’s look at the likely line-up.

Surface Book 2

Apart from the Intel Kaby Lake processor upgrade and perhaps faster LPDDR4 and PCIe NVMe storage, there is not much that you could do to improve the form factor. It already has a 3000 x 2000 resolution screen (courtesy of its 3:2 ratio) so it is unlikely to go to 4K – it can play that back now. I suspect this is simply a faster, longer battery life version of what is arguably the most innovative form factor in 2016.

Surface Pro 5

Similarly, Surface Pro simply gets better. I hardly noticed the difference between the Pro 3 and 4 – Fortunately, I had a great LG battery in mine so no issues there. The keyboard was the major upgrade. So expect to see the hybrid two-in-one form factor marginally improved.