Microsoft Surface AIO Desktop: Specs, Price And Release Date


#SurfaceAIO #Microsoft Microsoft Surface AIO Desktop: Specs, Price And Release Date : Following some odd months of speculation and intrigue, Microsoft finally confirmed that it will hold an event on October 26. Not much is known about the event itself, except that it will be held in New York on the said day. However, it is widely accepted that the tech and software giant will use the night as an avenue to unveil various products, including the rumored Microsoft Surface AIO Desktop.

The invite itself definitely focuses more on the updates that have been made to Windows 10, called Redstone. “Please join us Oct. 26 to see what’s next for Windows 10,” the invite says. However, various leaks and reports are claiming that a Surface Desktop is where Microsoft will demo the new operating system.

When word first got out about the machine, it was reported that the Redmond-based company was testing out three various variants. According to Tech Times, these include a 21 inch option with full HD, as well as 24 inch and 27 inch options that support 4K. However, it is unsure at this point whether or not all options will be available for purchase in the market.

As mentioned earlier, various leaks are what gave ground for the Surface AIO Desktop. These include a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which were leaked via the FCC. And while the design and features of the same are relatively unknown, they are expected to be sold separately and will suit the desktop flawlessly, much like the other Surface accessories partnered with their corresponding devices.

Science World Report adds that the Surface Desktop is expected to come with a modular design, which means that the screen will be able to detach the screen from the keyboard. As such, it will work as a tablet, a Surface PC or a full desktop, depending on the needs of the user. It is expected to be priced at about US$1000.

Though the unit is expected to be officially announced on October 26, the release date to the market is still unknown. This is mainly because the device is expected to be fitted with Intel’s newest Kaby Lake 14-nanometer Processors, which could cause an unfortunate delay. source:itechpost