Microsoft Surface Phone release date, news, specs rumors: Surface Phone release set in Fall 2017


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone release date, news, specs rumors: Surface Phone release set in Fall 2017 : It has long been rumored that Microsoft will further extend the scope of its highly popular Surface devices and unveil the first ever Surface Phone in the near future.

The Redmond-based tech company has no official words to confirm or deny the development of the Surface Phone, which is expected to be the first post-Lumia series smartphone produced by Microsoft. As of now, the public may have to wait until next year for the arrival of the Surface Phone.

Earlier rumors suggested that the Surface Phone will make an appearance sometime this year. In fact, Microsoft was reported to hold a huge press event later this year to release the company’s latest Surface devices, which will include the Surface Phone.

Just recently, Microsoft confirmed that there will be a special hardware event on October to unveil the new stuff from the company. However, it still does not seem likely that the October event will showcase the Surface Phone as Microsoft may focus on the latest developments in Windows 10 and Xbox.

If anything from the Surface family will be presented during the event, it is expected to be the all-in-one (AIO) Surface desktop computer. Phone Arena reported that the release of the Surface Phone may happen in Fall 2017. The arrival of the Surface Phone next year will officially put an end to Microsoft’s Lumia series

If the latest rumors are to be believed, Microsoft will discontinue the production of Lumia handsets starting this December, and the company is not expected to develop a new smartphone probably until next year when the Surface Phone is reported to be revealed.

The Surface Phone is expected to be the flag bearer of the Windows 10 smartphones. Although, it is also possible that even if the Lumia smartphones are officially over, other Windows 10 handsets will be released in the coming months, which do not necessarily have to be a Surface Phone or anything produced by Microsoft. Source: christiantimes