Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Battery Issues Could Be Fixed Soon


#Microsoft #SurfacePro4Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Battery Issues Could Be Fixed Soon : Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s battery issues have pushed Microsoft into rolling out an essential update to all its Surface devices, especially with rumors about new Surface gadgets coming soon. These updates are meant to improve the absolutely abysmal battery life on the Surface Pro 4 devices as well as Surface Book devices.

For a couple of months now the Surface Pro 4 has had some insane battery issues but it’s not the only device facing these issues. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Microsoft Surface Book are also getting some terrible battery issue problems. This is horrible because it affects some people past their warranty and it doesn’t seem to be a hardware related issue as we previously thought.

Microsoft did issue some statements previously that certain battery models were to blame for this but that simply turned out to be false so in exchange, the tech giant rolled out an update lately that is supposed to take a shot at fixing these battery issues.

Microsoft Releases More Surface Devices

Based on what we know, Microsoft is planning on releasing several other devices from the Surface series. One of those devices is the Surface Phone and another is the Surface Pro 5. Microsoft is also planning a Surface Book sequel so we’re hoping that with so many Surface devices we’ll have some decent quality ones.

The battery issues are horrible and everyone is hoping they don’t repeat themselves this time. Microsoft really should have fixed this already but so far we’ve had apologies and bad updates. Perhaps the latest update is going to do something in regards to the Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and other Surface devices’ battery lives.

Have you experienced any battery issues on your Surface device? Tell us how they manifest by leaving a comment and be sure to tell us if you fixed it somehow.