Nintendo NX: Race beyond Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One


#PS4 #NintendoNXNintendo NX: Race beyond Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One : Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have lorded over the rest of the pack in the gaming industry. However, Nintendo is determined to establish its own brand of excitement with a new product in tow.

A new unit will be making a splash very soon. The Japanese company has steered close with the leaders due to its console and handheld offerings. While the gaming organization has been quiet about its upcoming launch, there is a growing anticipation that the next product will be a hybrid one. Observers suggest that another reinvention is in the works.

Nintendo NX is targeting a first quarter release in 2017. Over the last few months, reports have surfaced that the company is deep into research about making the item as its primary VR console.

According to Reggie Fils-Aime, president for Nintendo of America, the organization needs to help people understand the product’s distinctiveness and impact to the whole gaming experience. Gaming website Eurogamer also shares that the NX will likely contain an Nvidia Tegra chip, which is the most powerful mobile processor on the market.

The device will support a 1080 pixel resolution that runs at 60 frames per second (fps). Reddit user FlapSnapple unveils that the device is more of a go-approach instead of the interactive type. It is possible that 4K streaming will be integrated into game cartridges.

In a report last July, it has been portrayed that the NX will have a powerful handheld 5- to 7-inch frame with a screen and flanked by a couple of detachable controllers. The unit also utilizes the TV as a playing field. With a 32GB storage, downloads on cartridges can be done.

According to the Let’s Play Video Games domain in August, motion management will have the precision of the Wii MotionPlus controller in Nintendo NX. A sophisticated vibration force feedback will also be integrated. Moreover, a share button will connect video still images to interactive sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Source: hngn