UFO Spotted in State Sparks Speculation of Permanent Alien Base in US


#Washington #UFOUFO Spotted in Washington State Sparks Speculation of Permanent Alien Base in US : The picture of what is said to be “spacecraft” hovering over Glacier Peak, one of the most isolated mountains in the United States, was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a nonprofit that specializes in investigating UFO sightings across the US on October 5, 2016.

The author of the photo, who preferred to remain anonymous, said to UFO Sightings Daily blog that the “alien spaceship” was taken on camera at 3:30 in the morning on September 9 when he was hiking in Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington with his uncle.

None of the two men, who aimed to explore “an old coal mining road” running through the area, however, observed the flying saucer with their own eyes at the time. The discovery was made later, when the man was looking through a cache of photos taken during the trip.

One of the pictures featuring what the witness said is Skyline Ridge, allegedly shows the spacecraft to the right of the mountain top. Scott C. Waring, a restless UFO enthusiast and blogger that tracks alleged encounters with aliens, took up the report and described the image of the Washington UFO.

According to Waring, the flying saucer “appeared out of thin air” over the mountains and seemed to contain two separate parts “that probably unite when moving.” In his blog, Waring also came up with an idea that the Glacier Peak’s top may be a gate for a permanent alien base’s hidden deep underground.

“The location [Glacier Peak] would be almost inaccessible to most humans, making it the perfect location to come and go unseen by human eyes,” Waring pointed out. In a view of many UFO seekers, alien bases in volcanic mountains are dispersed across the nation and are used by guests from other worlds after long outer space journeys.