Alien face resting near Alien base spotted on Copernicus Crater, Moon: UFO Sightings


#Alien #UFOAlien face resting near Alien base spotted on Copernicus Crater, Moon: UFO Sightings : Alien hunter UFO Sightings Daily that constantly posts about UFO sightings and alien findings has found an alien face resting near alien base located on the Copernicus Crater, Moon. The structure appears very strange and stands out from the surrounding entities.

Ther discovery was made while scanning the image captured during US Lunar Orbiter V, back in August 1967. Editor Scott C Waring who has led to the find has processed the image and highlight the alien base and alien face making it easier for us to see.

Scott wrote,”I believe it was so visible because the Lunar Orbiter was taking photos at just the right moment and just the right angle to see it. This base seems small so it would not be visible using a telescope, but normally would be air brushed out by NASA if it was seen today. These old photos are a more accurate of a record of the moon than today’s photos.”

UFOs have been seen frequently on Mars and Moon. Recently, a circular UFO and a 10 km long UFO Mothership was spotted on Moon which is a proof that aliens to do linger around celestial bodies.

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Scott believes that the American space agency NASA knows about the aliens and they are hiding it from us. In a blog post, he once claimed that aliens threatened astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (First humans to land on moons) not to visit Moon again and that’s why NASA has canceled future Apollo mission to visit Lunar surface.

Alien hunt has gained heat and people are aggressively searching things to prove that aliens do exist and we are not alone. However, they need a living alien creature to prove that aliens do exist. Source: tecake