Surface Pro 5 specs update, latest release date rumors: Tech enthusiasts are now hoping for a 2017 release


#SurfacePro5 #Microsoft – Surface Pro 5 specs update, latest release date rumors: Tech enthusiasts are now hoping for a 2017 release : Many tech enthusiasts were quite disappointed with Microsoft’s event last late October. The reason being is that a lot of them had high hopes to see the Redmond-based tech giant’s next entry to its Surface Pro line of flagship, the Surface Pro 5.

Sadly though, it did not happen. And now that the predicted date of October 2016 has come and gone, followers of the rumor mill have now focused their attention on the next speculated launch window.

Words on the street have it that many fans are now hoping to see the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 sometime in 2017. If this timeframe is in any way accurate, then the tech giant would face a tough competition as next-generation devices from other manufacturers are also being planned to get released sometime early in the coming year.

One of Microsoft’s most likely competitors in this field is Lenovo’s 2-in-1 device, the Lenovo Miix 720. According to WCCF Tech, the device is being expected to carry Intel’s next-generation processor, dubbed as Kaby Lake.

The source noted that fans will be able to choose from three different models for the Lenovo Miix 720: the Core i3-7300U, Core i5-7200U, and the high-end model, the Core i7-7500U. Microsoft will of course go up against Lenovo with this build.

Speculation reports said that the tech giant will also incorporate Intel’s seventh-generation chipset in its Surface Pro 5 device. What is unclear, however, is if the company will also offer the three models to its consumers when they launch the device sometime next year.

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As for the reason why the product launch is allegedly being pushed back to next year, rumors said that Microsoft was still waiting for Kaby Lake to officially come out before they could start their development for the Surface Pro 5.

It should be noted, though, that this is just based on pure speculations and is in no way official. With this in mind, fans are highly advised to take this one with a pinch of salt and consider it as a mere rumor until proven otherwise. Source: mnrdaily