“Apple Car” Project: 3 Ways Apple Can Mess Up Its First Vehicle


#AppleCar #Vehicle – “Apple Car” Project: 3 Ways Apple Can Mess Up Its First Vehicle : Apple Inc., manufacturer for the ever so popular iMac, Macbook Pros, iPods and iPads, have been rumored to be developing a new smart car, codenamed Project Titan. Since February of last year, various reports have been leaked about the iCar and fans have been speculating for a while now.

These reports vary from Apple hiring Blackberry QNX engineers and possible talks of acquiring supercar maker McLaren. Apple also has allegedly laid off dozens of employees working on the project due to change of plans in the development of the vehicle.

As promising as can be, Apple may be in for a lot of challenges as they enter the business of automotive manufacturing. As they venture out to this new line, they will be competing with companies like Tesla, which has been developing green cars for already more than a decade.

Tesla Motors

While still young in autonomous car technology, the firm has already announced the release of the Model 3, which can be a big challenge for Apple. Rumors suggest that the iCar will be completed on 2019 and will be due for release by 2021, which may be too late for Apple as other manufacturers will have finished and may already be successful with their smart cars by this time. Unless Apple comes up with an innovation that Tesla and other manufacturers have not come up with yet, they may fail in this concept.


This can also be a reason for Apple to fail. As they are still conducting alleged research and development for their first vehicle, current autonomous car developers are already using new advancements. NVidia, top processor and GPU producer, already have talks of having tie-ups with Tesla, a move by both companies that can make their lead even further in smart car technology.