“iPad Mini 5” News Rumor Roundup: What We Know So Far


#iPadMini5 #Apple – iPad Mini 5 News Rumor Roundup: What We Know So Far : Apple devotees are now settled when Apple would unveil the highly anticipated iPad Mini 5. Tech fans believe that the iPad Mini 5 might be redesigned and will be added to the iPad Pro 2 variants. As per rumors, iPad Mini 5 will be launched in March 2017.

Speculations have been springing up one after the other that the iPad Mini 5 will have an entirely new look if it is compared to iPad mini 4, which was totally different from the iPad Mini 3. The new Apple iPad is geared up with 7000-series aluminum chassis with a slimmer body as compared to its predecessor.

Moreover, the iPad Mini 5 could be waterproof and dust-resistant as well. Speculations rounding up features of iPad Mini 5 include an A10 chipset, 2 GB of RAM, and internal storage starting at 16 GB, 64 and/or 128 GB options.

Apple’s new iPad Mini 5 will also cater to the working community with the addition of Smart Connector that attaches to a keyboard panel. The port shall also make way for the integration of more interesting accessories. The iPad shall feature a 3D Touch pressure-sensitive screen tech, according to Parent Herald.

It’s believed that the iPad Mini 5’s thinner design would be made possible by a new, smaller battery. While the mini 5’s battery unit may have a lower capacity than the 5,124mAh component in the Mini 4, superior battery technology mean it will be able to match its predecessor’s real-world battery performance, reported Macworld.

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For the camera, the iPad Mini 5 is expected to have an 8 MP shooter on the rear and a 1.2 MP sensor on the front. Also,The new device is expected to be made available with a Smart Connector along with the quad speakers similar to that of the iPad Pro devices.

The Apple device might be priced around $412 to $750 depending on its lineups.The new iPad Mini 5 is rumored to be launched in the first quarter of 2017. Source: itechpost