Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs rumors: Hybrid with Intel Kaby Lake to be out in 2017?


#Microsoft #SurfacePro5Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs rumors: Hybrid with Intel Kaby Lake to be out in 2017? : Microsoft recently introduced two new products at an event last week – the Surface Studio and an overhauled version of the Surface Book.

Nevertheless, there were some who went home feeling empty-handed as they were expecting other things from the Redmond-based company, including the Surface Pro 5.

Despite the massive hype for a refreshed iteration of the hybrid prior to Microsoft’s event last Oct. 26, the next-generation Surface Pro was one of the no-shows alongside the equally hyped Surface Phone.

If the current rumors about the Surface Pro 5 are anything to go by, it is expected to see the light of day sometime next year. A plausible reason for this move by the company is that the current iteration of the Surface Pro is still one of the most preferred hybrids in the market.

Its specs and features can still very much go head-to-head with renders from rival tech firms. Given the device’s absence at the event, no official information regarding the Surface Pro 5 was released.

However, based on the current trends in the mobile device market, it is pretty much expected that when the upcoming tablet is released, it will be arriving with at least 4K resolution. Furthermore, the seventh-generation processor from Intel known as the Kaby Lake is also likely to be under its hood.

Microsoft is rumored to be creating three renders of the Surface Pro 5 with varying specs, just like what they did with the new Surface Studio whose top-of-the-line variant comes with a $4,000 price tag. In other news, there are substantial reports suggesting that Lenovo is also devising a 2-in-1 device dubbed as the Miix 720.

It is said that the tablet from the Chinese conglomerate will be one of the forthcoming slabs next year to challenge Microsoft’s yet to be revealed Surface Pro 5. In the meantime, fans are advised to stay tuned for more news and updates regarding the Surface Pro 5 and other Microsoft hardware. Source:vinereport