Why You Shouldn’t Get The DJI Mavic Pro Drone Right Now


#DJIMavicPro #Drone – Why You Shouldn’t Get The DJI Mavic Pro Drone Right Now : The DJI Mavic Pro is DJI’s latest work of art. It is undeniably a better drone than most of its current competitions and it is fairly priced as well. Not only is it equipped with all the smart features you’d need in a drone (i.e. Follow-me Mode, Sport mode, live stream, etc.), it’s also very portable. It’s pretty much like the DJI Phantom 4, the Mavic Pro is just easier to store. For a starting price of $999, it’s actually the best drone on the market.

The only problem with the Mavic Pro is that its maker is failing to ship it on time, posing a big problem for people who pre-ordered it. As per recent reports, DJI failed to hit the drone’s target release date and they also fail to give buyers a concrete explanation regarding the “whys” and the “whens” of the matter. Normally, buyers could handle delays, but only up to a certain extent. In the case of DJI, their lack of solid updates and the amount of time they spent stalling are pretty much enough reasons for people to lose their last drop of patience.

DJI Mavic Pro Delays

The DJI Mavic Pro’s release has been very much anticipated which is why when the company has started its pre-order, a bunch of drone lovers immediately hit the buy button and waited for the shipment. However, as it turns out, DJI may not have been ready for mass-release. According to a Gizmodo report, only a few number of the alleged buyers have actually received their orders. The main problem here is that DJI allegedly says one thing and the vast majority of the buyers say the opposite.

The company is firm on saying that the delivery of orders is in progress and that the alleged small number of shipment is far from reality. However, since we live in a world where the internet dominates, these DJI claims are easily contradicted. Online communities including forums and blog comments have been witnesses to the rage and frustrations of Mavic Pro buyers. DJI posted a statement on their website but their promises are once again vague and far from comforting.