‘Windows 10’ Latest News & Updates: Upgrade Your PCs To Windows 7, It Is Losing Market Shares


#Windows10 #Windows7‘Windows 10’ Latest News & Updates: Upgrade Your PCs To Windows 7, It Is Losing Market Shares : Windows 10 is the newest generation of Windows. It is not an ordinary Windows produced by Microsoft as it can be used in Mobile as well and it is not anymore limited to a single device like PC.

Windows 7 was launched in 2009 and some users perceive it to be less irritating and better than Vista. It became the pivotal turning point in the history of Microsoft. The trust of the costumer was regained after the launch of a bug-ridden Windows Vista.

The operating system of Microsoft 10 is available to many devices. It was launched in 2015 but as of October 2016 the total percentage of computers that use Windows 10 is only 22.59. It was revealed last September 2016 that 22.53 percent of computers used the said version of Windows.

It only increased to 0.06 percent after a month according to Beta News. Meanwhile, Windows 7, which is a year older than Windows 10, increased its user percentage from 48.27 to 48.38 in the same course of a calendar month. This data has been reported by the MS Power User.

How ironic it is to be beaten up by an earlier version of the same OS.  Windows 10 offered a free upgrade after it was launched in 2015.  It is to convince the user to upgrade. However the free upgrade program has been stopped in the early month of 2016.

The growth of their market share is now suffering from a slower increase after the free upgrade offer ended, according to The Register. It was early September when Microsoft gradually lost almost half of the percentage of its users. Windows 10 is now losing its rapid growth.

Microsoft needs to do something about this. It is facing battles with customers and this may be an indication that it needs some improvements in Windows 10. The developers must create new features that will encourage the costumers to use Windows 10. Source: gamenguide