2017 Smartphones: OnePlus 4, Surface Phone, iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8


#SurfacePhone #iPhone8 – 2017 Smartphones: OnePlus 4, Surface Phone, iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 : In just a little over a month, we will all be greeting 2017 with excitement. 2016 has seen some of the best smartphones ever and everyone’s curious as to what 2017 has in store for all smartphone fanatics out there. Whether you’re an Android guy or an iOS guy, you’ll be seeing the best in smartphone technology next year. Here’s our list of expected smartphones for the coming year.

OnePlus 4

It’s exciting to think about what the flagship killer maker has saved for next year. The OnePlus 3 has been quite successful in topping the OnePlus 2. Hopefully, the OnePlus 4 is yet another success for OnePlus. Rumor has it that the OnePlus 4 will still be a flagship killer specs-wise and pricewise. As per Tech Radar’s report, the said phone is expected to boast about 8 GB worth of RAM and still remain affordable.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Rumors are strong about the 2017 arrival of the Surface Phone. This is despite the fact that Microsoft hasn’t even acknowledged the existence of the device just yet. We’ve heard tons of rumors about the Surface Phone this year which could actually mean that it does exist and Microsoft is just waiting for the perfect time to launch it. As per recent predictions, the Surface Phone could show up spring of next year alongside the launch of Windows 10 Redstone 2 update.

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is expected to boast some of the most innovative features that Apple has ever made. Earlier this year, we’ve all heard about the possibility of the iPhone 8 coming with an all-glass frontal. As the year come to a close, rumor has also come out about the iPhone 8 coming with an all-glass rear as well. This means that the next iPhone could be the most changed and the most premium-looking iPhone ever. Since the phone could sport a glass exterior, the fingerprint scanner and front camera are both expected to be embedded within the iPhone’s display. Mac Rumors also says that the iPhone 8’s display will be edge-to-edge.