5 iOS 10.1 Issues – What We Know So Far


#iOS10.1 #iOS10 – 5 iOS 10.1 Issues – What We Know So Far : Apple released the iOS 10.1 update a few days back. The latest update from Apple comes with bug fixes and fixes a very critical security hole. The iOS 10.1 update is available for all devices running on iOS 10. Other eligible devices can also avail the update via iTunes or over-the-air. With the iOS 10.1 update, Apple rushed to fix a security issue that allowed hackers to take control of your phone remotely using malicious JPEG files.

Discovered and reported by Marco Grassi, a researcher at Keen Labs, the issue left iOS 10 devices open to being exploited by hackers. All they had to do was get you to open a website or an email containing a malicious JPEG or PDF file. The iOS 10.1 update fixes this remote execution vulnerability alongside other important security fixes.

iOS 10.1 Issues

However, like every software update, iOS 10.1 comes with its own set of issues. While these are not as critical as the security flaws fixed by Apple, they can impact your usage if you use them regularly. Let’s take a look at those iOS 10.1 issues.

Home Button Issues

Imagine buying the latest iPhone and having your new Home button failing on you. A lot of users have been reporting that their brand new iPhone 7 home button stops working after a while. As a workaround, iOS 10 shows a virtual home button that you can use in the meantime. The OS also shows you an error popup that tells you to have the Home Button serviced.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

A lot of users have been facing issues with Wi-Fi connectivity. This is generally easily solved, but with the iOS 10.1 update, users are reporting frequent Wi-Fi drops. With the overall Wi-Fi connectivity visibly affected, users have taken to social media and forums to report issues.

There is no word yet from Apple on this. If you are facing Wi-Fi issues after updating to iOS 10.1, you can try to reset your modem/router. Also, try to forget the Wi-Fi network on your iPhone or iPad and authenticate it again. This generally fixes issues for most users. However, if you are facing frequent Wi-Fi drops, it’s because of iOS 10.1 and not your Wi-Fi router.