Apple iPad Pro Mini 2017: Release Date, Price, Specs and Amazing Features

#iPadProMini #TabletApple iPad Pro Mini 2017: Release Date, Price, Specs and Amazing Features : Following the sighs of disappointment from the latest installment of iPhone series, Apple users and the tech community alike are left wondering whether the similar changes are to expect also in the upcoming Apple iPad Pro Mini.

It is still, however, debatable whether the new Apple product would be called iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro 7.9 as there are rumors abuzz that the tech giant would drop its iPad Mini line-up and shift to Pro iPad line-up instead. Full information is yet to be confirmed in its expected unveiling date in March 2017.

If speculations are to be believed, however, the upcoming iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro 7.9 would likely to look and feel like its predecessor, iPad Mini 4, with the same 7.9in Retina Display. As per Tech Advisor, there would be no changes in the camera specs which uses an 8MP rear cam and 1.2MP front camp.

The media outlet further speculated that the new Apple iPad Pro Mini will sport several new features including an aluminum chassis body, a 3D Touch, an IP68 protection, and iOS 1o among others.

Although it is still yet to be known whether or not the upcoming Apple product would have a headphone jack, it is possible that it will follow the trend of the iPhone series in which Apple opted to drop the headphone jack for the lightning port.

According to Science World Report, the Apple iPad Pro Mini is expected to hit the stores with a price tag of nearly 400USD for the 16GB base model. If Apple, however, decided to shift into 32GB of storage as standard, the price could wallop into approximately 450USD.

As these remains but a speculation, readers should wait for official announcements from Apple for the full details of iPad Pro Mini. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! Source: hngn