Dell’s Unnamed Version Of Surface Studio PC Features Dual Displays, To Be Launched At The CES


#SurfaceStudio #Microsoft – Dell’s Unnamed Version Of Surface Studio PC Features Dual Displays, To Be Launched At The CES : The Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one PC was unveiled last week. Now, Dell has teased a video of its own take of the Surface Studio during Adobe’s Max conference in San Diego. Though not much details have been revealed yet. However, Dell has confirmed that the yet unnamed PC will be launched at the CES 2017.

Dell’s Version Of Microsoft’s Surface Studio

It was actually Surface Pro Artist that has noticed the said video teaser. According to Engadget, Dell’s own all-in-one PC was part of the AdobeMAX opening keynote. Perhaps, the obvious connection to Microsoft’s latest PC is its Surface Dial-like accessory. It functions as a creative input tool.

The Verge had asked Windows Chief Terry Myerson about the Dial. He mentioned that Microsoft is actually open to letting partners use its technology to similar devices in the market. This is reflective of Dell’s upcoming machine.

The Line Between Surface Studio And Dell’s Version

Engadget further reports that Dell’s version is still distinct from the Surface Studio. It’s evident that users will not draw directly on the computer screen. Instead, Dell will provide a Cintiq-style tablet display. This means that it will likely feature dual displays. Though Dell has not revealed if the tablet display is optional.

According to Windows Central, the said display is pen-enabled and has no less than six speakers across a large bezel at the bottom. It is contrary to that of Microsoft’s minimalist design. The upcoming all-in-one machine looks to be directed towards those who draw, animate and edit images and videos.

This seems to be confirmed by the video teaser’s ending “welcome to your new workspace”.

What Does Dell Tell About Its New Product?

Dell has described their new product as a full-horizontal touch display that will work across a variety of systems. It also boasted that it will provide an immersive workspace for creators. Apparently, the unnamed PC is nothing like anything that currently exists in the market. source: itechpost