MacBook Air 2017 Not Dead, To Be Released On March? New Laptop Slimmer And Lighter With Revolutionary Specs?


#MacBookAir #Apple – MacBook Air 2017 Not Dead, To Be Released On March? New Laptop Slimmer And Lighter With Revolutionary Specs? : The MacBook Air 2017 is still one of the favorite topics of tech enthusiasts nowadays. Latest reports suggest that the highly-anticipated device might come out next year.

It has been said that the upcoming MacBook Air was expected to be announced at the Apple event last October 27, however, it didn’t happen. Instead, the company compared it to the latest MacBook Pro 2016, further fuelling rumors that the MacBook Air lineup has been totally killed off.

It should be taken into consideration that the 11in MacBook Air has already been stopped along with the 13in variant. With the older MacBook Airs getting a much higher price, it seems like Apple is cutting its Air product line.

However, according to Macworld, the new Apple device might come out on March, 2017. If it does not materialize, the company might “stick to its yearly upgrade cycle and should release the 2017 MacBook Air at some point in early 2017, possibly between March-May like with previous years.”

Moreover, the MacBook Air 2017 is expected to sport outstanding features and specifications like 15-inch screen and Retina display panel. Some reports suggest that the new device will be available in three variants: 11-inch, 13-inch, and 15-inch which are rumored to be thinner and lighter compared to the previous MacBook Air device.

Though the information regarding the battery capacity and processor of the MacBook Air is yet to be disclosed, there were speculations that say it will run the Kaby Lake processor for faster and better performance.

It has been said that the much-awaited device will have an Apple Pencil that will allow users to run the stylus in different models like the joystick mode, rotational controller mode and many more.

Furthermore, the anticipated device will reportedly pack the Touch ID feature together with the Force Touch upgrade. It is also expected to consist USB Type-C port with thunderbolt 3 port for an enhanced charging and data transfer experience. The MacBook Air 2017 is said to be price at $1200. However, Apple has yet to give updates regarding the said device. Source: Mobilenapps