Microsoft News & Update: Windows 10 Launches New “Office Chat App” And Beats Down Slack Along The Way! (DETAILS HERE)


#Windows10 #ChatAppMicrosoft News & Update: Windows 10 Launches New Office Chat App And Beats Down Slack Along The Way! (DETAILS HERE) : Microsoft has another update for Windows 10 users. Seems that Microsoft is unstoppable launching additional updates. Microsoft this time is launching an office chat app. The name of the app is Microsoft Teams.

According to Daily News and Analysis, Microsoft launched a messaging system for businesses on Wednesday called Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams messaging system for businesses is available for Microsoft Windows 10 is in direct competition with Slack and Facebook Inc. Workplace product.

The Microsoft Teams will be part of Microsoft Office 365 services. The Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based software suite which has over 85 million active users monthly. The competition of Microsoft Teams, Slack have over 4 million daily active users in October.

Slack’s major clients are CBS Corp., Buzzfeed and other government offices and universities. Microsoft beats Slack in terms of coverage and number of active users at one given time.

Slack released a recent full page advertisement in a huge publication New York Times on Wednesday to address Microsoft venturing into business messaging. From the post, Slack said that they are excited to have some competition through the Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams will be available to Microsoft Office 365 commercial customers beginning Wednesday. Microsoft Teams should be another innovation from Microsoft which is geared to serve even its commercial users.

As added by New York Times, Microsoft Teams is considered the most significant addition to Microsoft Office 365. Bill Gates who is now a co-owner and technology adviser of Microsoft even had major part in creating Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is now viewed as credible player in cloud computing. One of notable to cite is Microsoft’s launch of new Surface Devices which pose as tough competition to Apple which has dominated the market segment for several years.

Microsoft Teams which is part of Microsoft Office 365 will come at no additional cost to Microsoft’s commercial users. As it launches, it promises to deliver the best and seamless messaging capabilities. Source: parentherald