Microsoft “Surface Phone” release date, specs rumors: Upcoming phone rumored to sport either Snapdragon 830 or Kaby Lake


#SurfacePhone #WindowsPhone – Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs rumors: Upcoming phone rumored to sport either Snapdragon 830 or Kaby Lake: It has been a while since rumors started to circulate about what to expect from the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Recently, there have been reports suggesting that the upcoming phone might sport a hefty processing chip as powerful as either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 or Intel’s Kaby Lake.

The hunches regarding its processor are reported by Inquistr, which also speculates that the Surface Phone will come in variants that even the standard model is worthy to make the headline. The online news source says that the processing chips could be paired with either 6 GB or 8 GB of random-access memory (RAM).

Even in the display department, the speculated Surface Phone is expected to lead the smartphone competition with a 5.7-inch screen equipped with either a 2K or 4K resolution. Storage options start at a whopping 128 GB, with a mid-variant of 256 GB, up to as much as 512 GB – it is as good as having a laptop with this internal memory options.

The same Inquistr report believes that the main market targeted by Microsoft is the business sector which is why for the Surface Phone the company has definitely focused on developing the device’s productivity aspect.

It is worth noting that the latest smartphone release of Microsoft under the Lumia line fell quite short of the expectation. So, launching a mobile device under the highly competitive Surface line could revive the Redmond-based company’s honor in the field of smartphone competition.

On the other hand, there were earlier reports that suggest Microsoft Surface Phone could sport a 20-megapixel (MP) rear sensor paired with 8 MP front camera to be manufactured by the German company, Carl Zeiss.

There have been rumors before that the Microsoft Surface Phone could be announced this year. However, taking into consideration the speculations of Snapdragon 830 or Kaby Lake under its hood, 2016 is definitely not feasible.

Snapdragon 830 is yet to be announced by Qualcomm while Kaby Lake will not be shipped by Intel until later this year, which means if all these rumors would tally, a 2017 release for the Microsoft Surface Phone is more realistic. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not even officially confirmed if a Surface Phone is indeed in the pipeline. Source: christiandaily