This New Map Will CHANGE The Way You See The World And It Is Accurate


#World #Map This New Map Will CHANGE The Way You See The World And It Is Accurate : A Japanese designer has created an accurate world map which shows one of the best estimations of the real size of countries. In fact the map is nearly as good as the representation of the world on a globe, as per reports. The design, called AuthaGraph, has won the creator Hajime Narukawa the Good Design Award.

It is a known fact that most maps of the world are not entirely accurate, for example Greenland isn’t as vast as it seems and Africa is a lot bigger than how it is represented.

The Authagraph is reportedly set to change the way we look at the world, because it is one of the most proportional maps. The map may look weird at first; however as per reports this is because it is hard to create a precise flat map of the spherical Earth.

The maps that we are generally used to seeing, such as the ones in Atlases or classroom walls, are known as Mercator projection which was created by 16th century Flemish geographer Gerardus Mercator.

Though the maps created by this technique manage to fit the countries on two dimensional papers, however it comes with the cost of projecting the countries nearer the poles as bigger than they actually are.

For instance, in the maps that we are used to seeing, Greenland nearly looks as big as Africa though the latter has nearly 14 times the land mass as it.

The new map design aims to fix the problem of misrepresenting the actual sizes of countries or continents by sectioning the globe into 96 equal regions; subsequently the final map is created after transferring the sections from a sphere to a tetrahedron which also helped in maintaining the correct area ratios of water and land.

“This original mapping method can transfer a spherical surface to a rectangular surface such as a map of the world while maintaining correctly proportions in areas,” the Good Design Award description said. “AuthaGraph faithfully represents all oceans, continents including the neglected Antarctica.

These fit within a rectangular frame with no interruptions. The map can be tessellated without visible seams. Thus the AuthaGraphic world map provides an advanced precise perspective of our planet.” Source: Scienceworldreport