“UFO News” 2016: Alien Spacecraft Spotted Cloaking In Clouds?


#UFO #Alien – UFO News 2016: Alien Spacecraft Spotted Cloaking In Clouds? : A strange phenomenon occurred in California as dome shaped clouds appear over clear blue skies in full view of residents. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the clouds are the result of a UFO trying to hide itself from view.

The cloud also appears to have layers, all symmetrical with only slight variations on size. According to them, this was due to the craft moving vertically while at the same time releasing clouds in a disk formation.

According to UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY, the UFO could be much smaller than the clouds itself, no more than a tenth of its size. Editor Scott C. Waring claims that while some extraterrestrials prefer to use existing clouds as cover, their crafts can create their own if there are none in their immediate vicinity.

While it seems farfetched that extraterrestrials will go to such extremes to hide their crafts, there are some very logical reasons for them opting to use artificial clouds as cover. Firstly a cloud is a much more natural than using some sort of cloaking that adjusts to ambient light.
UFO Using Clouds To Hide?

Invisibility might be achieved but there will always be a danger of revealing itself such as a malfunction which might disable its cloaking device. Hiding inside a mass of clouds is a much safer as it can freely move about without arousing much suspicion.

Secondly, if by any chance the craft is detected by radar, analysts can simply dismiss it as just another cloud in the sky. Radar has been known to detect large masses of clouds although this was only in a small number of cases.

However in this particular case, it was neither radar nor a malfunction that aroused suspicions that the cloud was hiding something. What caught the eye of UFO enthusiasts is the cloud’s shape which, to witnesses, seemed unnatural.

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