Why Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Scorpio’ Will Be The Most Advanced Console Ever Made?


#XboxScorpio #Microsoft – Why Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Scorpio’ Will Be The Most Advanced Console Ever Made? : The makers of the up and coming Xbox One Scorpio are more than eager to get ahead of the competition and place themselves other the top of the gaming and virtual reality (VR) markets.

Microsoft is making strides to gain a stronger grip on the lead that they are currently enjoying, and there’s no wondering why. The Industry projections estimate virtual reality as a multi-billion market by 2020, at about $120 billion.

This is one of the reasons why Microsoft is hosting up when it comes to developing their upcoming console, which would be incorporated in VR functionality, making it the most advanced console ever made.

Microsoft of poised for the top spot

Reports have been claiming that the market for virtual reality will grow exponentially by the end of the decade, and right now, Microsoft is working to win the race for dominance in the virtual reality market.

The U.S. tech company is planning to incorporate full VR functionality on their Xbox Scorpio, as well as adding 4k display features in order to make the games that people play on VR a lot more realistic, thus ultimately revolutionizing the way people play the games on their console.

Microsoft is looking to dominate

With that being said, Microsoft is aiming for the top. The company is aiming towards the time when Microsoft Corporation will no longer be recognized as only a conveyor of corporate and intense software and services.

The company is on the verge of jumping into a new era and devices like the HoloLens, the rumored Surface Phone, the brand-new Surface Studio, as well as the upcoming Xbox Scorpio console, titled as ‘Project Scorpio,’

Will have a lot of analysts calling Microsoft as the next big company that will dominate every tech field, and they will make sure that their dominance would start on their all-new Scorpio console, which would truly be the most advanced console ever made.

It’s now all about VR and HD

The gaming industry has this slowly grown obsession for VR and high definition games. The pressure is now on console makers to deliver and produce machines that will provide a new and innovative gaming experiences.

Along with the mix is Microsoft, whose Xbox team is currently developing the most advanced console that will ever hit the market, the Xbox Scorpio. Source: itechpost