Windows 10 Creators Update: Different Kind Of 3D Experience, Creativity, Business With Its New Innovation!


#Windows10 #Paint3DWindows 10 Creators Update: Different Kind Of 3D Experience, Creativity, Business With Its New Innovation! : The recent Microsoft event in New York last October has provided Microsoft users highlights of what they can expect in Windows 10 Creators Update. Although there’s no official announcement has been made regarding its release date, users can now see the potential of using this update with their passion and to boost their business.

Windows 10 Creators Update 3D Tool For Images

Microsoft unveils its plan on pushing its major Windows 10 Creators Update to the said software users with new features that will definitely be useful to everyone. Expectations are now higher for this upcoming update, since it will give a different experience in using the Windows platform.

With Microsoft’s tagline from their website, “Bring your ideas to life in 3D,” the latest Windows 10 Creators Update will expand the creator’s tool where they can design and share their ideas in 3D. An application called Paint 3D can be used in creating a new design or manipulating an existing design and making it their own.

Along with this new feature, Microsoft also plans to upgrade traditional applications like MS Word and PowerPoint, enabling 3D tools, to help users to share their ideas that can make their work and business easier. In a TNW report, the digital art application in Windows 10 Creators Update will let users take a photo using a smartphone and isolate an object from the photo and replace the background with a different image.

Users can also turn their photograph of an object into 3D art and share it with Remix 3D community, a web community, to use it in a different form of art models. The new 3D art model that is designed for the Paint 3D application can be printed with 3D printers, which designers can sell or just for personal use only.

Moreover, this new 3D feature in Windows 10 Creators Update will allow users to easily create a presentation they needed in marketing materials. There will be no need for novices to learn the complicated tools in Adobe Photoshop and the likes to create a unique 3D model that they needed.