Windows 10 updates are about to become less painful


#Windows10 #PCsWindows 10 updates are about to become less painful : MICROSOFT HAS ADDRESSED CRITICISM surrounding the painful Windows 10 upgrading process with the launch of a new Unified Update Platform (UUP).

Updating Windows 10 could be a pretty painful experience, but Microsoft claimed that UUP will reduce the size of downloads and make them easier to install. UUP will allow Microsoft to ship updates as differential download packages, meaning that users will have to download only the parts of Windows that have changed between updates.

Bill Karagounis, director of programme management for the Windows Insider programme and OS fundamentals at Microsoft, said in a blog post: “One of the biggest community and customer benefits of UUP is the reduction you’ll see in download size on PCs.

“We have converged technologies in our build and publishing systems to enable differential downloads for all devices built on the Mobile and PC OS.” Users could see a roughly 35 per cent reduction in the size of large updates, Karagounis said.

Checking for updates will also become easier, and could allow Microsoft to roll out changes to Windows 10 faster. Karagounis said: “We have also revamped how devices check for updates, making them more efficient.

As we move to UUP, we are reducing the update data sent to client devices as well as the amount of processing we are doing on devices. This is especially important for devices built on the Mobile OS.

The change will debut alongside the Windows 10 Creator’s Update in March, although Microsoft noted that UUP will actually come into effect for updates down the line. However, Windows Insiders can start testing the technology in the firm’s build update for mobile devices. Microsoft will start rolling this out to PC builds later this year, alongside HoloLens devices. Source: theinquirer