Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 release date news, specs rumors: Device to be released in 2017


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone 2016 release date news, specs rumors: Device to be released in 2017 : Tech giant Microsoft has been keeping news about their upcoming Surface Phone 2016 under wraps, which is why recent speculations suggest that there may not be a Surface Phone 2016 after all. However, some hopeful rumors still suggest that the Surface Phone will be announced by Microsoft anytime soon.

Recent speculations suggest that the tech giant might just be waiting for the perfect time to announce their upcoming flagship phone, the Surface Phone 2016. To add to this suspicion, Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied any of the rumors spreading about the Surface Phone 2016.

Other rumors suggest that the Redmond-based tech giant will be announcing the Surface Phone sometime next spring. Additionally, it is said that the Surface Phone 2016 will be released at the same time that the Windows Redstone 2 update is launched.

As for the phone’s specifications, the Surface Phone 2016 is speculated to sport an innovative fingerprint scanner that will be embedded in the device’s display screen. It will be unlike Samsung’s galaxy devices whose fingerprint scanners are integrated with the home button since the Surface Phone 2016 is rumoured to have no home button at all.

The Surface Phone 2016 is also expected to come in three variants with different RAM capacities. The base model will have 4 GB of RAM followed by a 6 GB RAM model and a high end 8 GB RAM model. All variants will be powered by the latest Intel Kaby Lake processor.

As for the Surface Phone 2016’s camera, it is rumoured to have a sharp shooting 21-megapixel rear camera. Unfortunately, there is still no news or rumors as to how many megapixels the front facing camera of the Surface Phone will have, but speculations suggest that it will be a sharp shooter that will pair nicely with the 21-megapixel rear shooter. Source: christiantoday